“Gimme Some Truth” — Lennon’s still relevant

On Sept. 9, 1971, John Lennon’s “Imagine” LP was released in the US (it would be released in the UK a month later….and the album would go to #1 on both sides of the Atlantic).

This was Lennon’s second solo album and, though it had several songs deemed more accessible than the previous Plastic Ono Band release, there was still plenty bite.

The infamous “How Do You Sleep?”, with its contentious lyrics aimed at Paul McCartney, was complemented in early releases of “Imagine” by a postcard of Lennon posing next to a pig — a parody of the McCartney pose on his second solo LP, “Ram.”

Side two of “Imagine” opened in true Lennon fashion with a clever protest song,”Gimme Some Truth.” You can recognize George Harrison on guitar (Nicky Hopkins on piano). The song was conceived in early 1968 during The Beatles’ “Let It Be” sessions — back then “Gary Cooper” was used in the lyrics as opposed to the “Tricky Dicky” reference to President Nixon that is heard in this version. http://youtu.be/dlzrNKN3rZI


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