Are You Experienced? (The Jimi Hendrix Experience hits the US charts)

The debut LP from The Jimi Hendrix Experience (“Are You Experienced?”) entered the Billboard Hot 200 album chart on Sept. 16, 1967. The album had finally been released in the US in August following buzz about the band’s performance at the Monterey Pop Festival (after a mind-blowing set, Hendrix ended it by setting his guitar on fire with lighter fluid). “Are You Experienced?” had been released in the UK in May, where it hit the #2 album position behind The Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” It would stay on the US charts for 107 weeks.

For the US version of the album, three blues songs were removed (the record company claimed, “”America does not like blues”) and replaced with three hit singles also released in the UK: “Purple Haze,” “Hey Joe” and “The Wind Cries Mary.”

Here’s a performance of “Foxy Lady” from a June (Summer of Love) evening in Monterey, Calif.


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2 Responses to Are You Experienced? (The Jimi Hendrix Experience hits the US charts)

  1. Barbara mansell says:

    I was there ..17 yrs old working for my father who was an exhibitor..MUSIC CHANGED AND DEFINED MY LIFE..Trying to locate the sweetest young man I met there..My first love..a gentle soul who sold tie dyed ties.
    A visit to the “road not taken”..that I certainly wish I had!!! Sweet loving memories to Monty Montgomery…do you know of any Archives or ways to locate exhibitors from 1967?? Peace and love..

  2. poppaculture says:

    Very cool, Barbara! Definitely a life-changing moment.
    I did an online search trying to find vendors and exhibitors from the festival, but I had no luck. I did find an interesting site with photos:
    Thank you for sharing your memories (and I hope you connect with the tie-dye tie salesman)

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