Bully for you, chilly for me (Fame, fame, fame) – Bowie, 1975

While living in NYC in 1974, David Bowie met John Lennon and the two had elaborate conversations and jammed together musically. In January, 1975, Bowie invited Lennon to a recording session in Greenwich Village with his tour band. Bowie had been finishing tracks for the upcoming “Young Americans” album (what Bowie called a collection of “plastic soul” songs).

After recording a cover of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe,” they worked on a new song — with an infectious guitar riff by Carlos Alomar and lyrics inspired by Bowie’s conversations with Lennon. Lennon added guitar and backing vocals to the track. “Fame,” with writing credits as D. Bowie, C. Alomar and J. Lennon, became Bowie’s first #1 single in the US when it topped the charts the week of Sept. 20, 1975. http://youtu.be/RfeaNKcffMk

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