Worst lip-synch ever? (Gimme a ticket for an air-o-plane)

On Sept. 23, 1967, a young group from Memphis, The Box Tops, topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with their song “The Letter.” It would stay at #1 for four weeks. The song clocks in under two minutes and would receive two Grammy nominations—the song would also be recorded by more than 200 groups over the next few decades.

Here is what may be the worst lip-synch performance by a band EVER
(of course, lead singer Alex Chilton was only 16 at the time).

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2 Responses to Worst lip-synch ever? (Gimme a ticket for an air-o-plane)

  1. Tom says:

    Yes, this is worse than the Lemon Pipers “Green Tambourine” at Channel 9, WCPO, in Cincinnati, Ohio, but maybe only because the Pipers aren’t trying hard enough, here:

    Who doesn’t enjoy a schtick of psychedelic bubblegum?

    The interview at the end is pretty good: “We were asked back one place. I forget where.”

    • poppaculture says:

      I beginning to think the Lemon Pipers win (they also appear to be “elevated” in their TV performance). I keep thinking about TV in the 1960’s … what a good gig … Thank you for the psychedelic bubblegum, Tom. (I remember reading that the band hated this song, but enjoyed the money. I also heard the guitarist was later involved with Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.”)

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