Everybody’s dancin’ to the Farfisa beat (Squeeze, 1980)

One of my favorite, quirky pop tunes is “Farfisa Beat” by the British “new wave” band Squeeze.

It’s from their third LP “Argybargy” (their first to chart in the US) and it’s about dance club scenarios and the Farfisa, an Italian brand of  electric organs heard in numerous songs throughout pop music’s history (including this one).

The song was released as a single in September 1980, but only in Denmark and Germany — then in Switzerland in early ’81.

Squeeze began in 1974 when two South London guitar-playing teens, Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, formed a group and named it after a 1973 Velvet Underground album. They recruited Jools Holland on keyboards, Harry Kakouli on bass and, eventually, Gilson Lavis ( a former drummer for Chuck Berry) on drums. They would to create some of the most melodic, eclectic and wry music of the day. Because of their pop sensibilities and song craftsmanship, Tilbrook and Difford were often hailed by critics as “the new Lennon and McCartney.”


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