Suspension of disbelief: The A-ha moment

On Oct. 19, 1985, A-ha’s “Take on Me” hit the #1 spot on the US singles chart – the first Norwegian group to ever do so.

Theirs is really a simple story: A trio from Norway forms in 1982, calls their band A-ha, travels to London to launch a music career, but encounters …

Okay. It’s not simple. But the general public likes “simple”and most people only think of A-ha as that group with that one song with the memorable music video – you remember it, right? It had pencil sketches and rotoscoping and it won six awards at the 1986 MTV Music Awards, including Most Experimental Video and Best Concept Video. What was the concept? Um … well it was … um …this girl is drinking coffee and she gets pulled into a comic book world of illustrations where bad guys with monkey wrenches chase the cute guy who sings … and … um …it kind of ends like that movie Altered States.

You decide.


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