Dual (duel?) guitarists: The Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page

When Eric Clapton left The Yardbirds in the spring of 1965, the band asked Jimmy Page to take his place. At the time, Page was enjoying his work as a studio session musician, so he recommended a friend, Jeff Beck, who took over lead guitar duties. In the summer of 1966, Paul Samwell-Smith, the original bassist, left the group. Page, who by then was tiring of session work, joined the band to play bass. But it became obvious that Page’s strength was on guitar so the band went with dual lead guitarists—Beck and Page.

In October of 1966, The Yardbirds released “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago,” their first single with Jimmy Page and the only recording with Page and Beck sharing lead guitar duties. A studio musician named John Paul Jones played bass on the recording (Led Zeppelin fans know that Page and Jones would maintain a strong musical kinship over the years).

http://youtu.be/RlfYDEErYR0 (The audio from this clip is the single “Happenings Ten Years Time Ago,” but the video is of The Yardbirds performing a different song for the film Blow-Up … and that’s a story for another post.)


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