HB, Larry Mullen, Jr

On Oct. 31, 1961, drummer Larry Mullen, Jr.was born in Dublin. He is most famous for the results of the school bulletin board notice he posted in 1976, seeking musicians to form a band. It resulted in the formation of The Larry Mullen Band, consisting of Mullen, his friends Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin, Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson and the Evans brothers (Dik and Dave). The band would go through incarnations as Feedback, The Hype, and eventually become the four-member band known as U2.

Mullen began taking piano lessons at age 8, but soon switched to drums by age 9. His sister Cecilia bought him his first drum kit in 1973. Once when asked about why he had formed a band, Mullen replied, “So I could hit things.”

Mullen added the “Jr.” to his name after U2 became successful. He did it to end any confusion with his father, Larry Mullen, who had begun to receive his son’s tax bills.

Here’s a U2 rarity that features Mullen’s relentless, steady drumming: “Holy Joe (Garage Mix),” the B-side to 1997’s “Discothèque.”

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