And then there were four … (1974, the last from Peter Gabriel with Genesis)

On Nov. 18, 1974, Genesis released The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, their sixth studio LP and the last Genesis album with lead singer Peter Gabriel. This double album was the band’s first attempt at a rock opera (the concept being a Puerto Rican protagonist searching the streets of NYC, the darker underground scenarios, to rescue his brother).

There were creative tensions and differences during the album’s recording. Much of the music had been written by Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Guitarist Steve Hackett added some, but Gabriel was absent during the early stages because of a family health emergency. Upon his return, Gabriel insisted on writing the lyrics and reworking the songs for a concept he envisioned. Rutherford had ideas for a different concept, and Hackett was not always enthralled with the lyrics and titles imposed on his musical compositions.

The band developed a theatrical show for the tour to support the album. The production opened in Chicago in late November and closed in Europe in May of 1975. Gabriel remained on the tour as a member of Genesis, although he knew early on that he would leave the group after the tour. He announced his departure from the band in the summer of ’75.

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