Midnite Vultures — Beck in 1999

On Nov. 23, 1999, Beck Hansen released his seventh album, Midnite Vultures. It was a change in music direction from Beck’s previous work, something to which his fans would become accustomed, and delved into sonic explorations of funk and soul. Musical allusions to Prince are present throughout the recording. Some have criticized the disc as being a hipster’s put-down but, at its heart, Midnite Vultures is pure homage. The album would reach #34 on the US album charts and go even higher in the UK (to #19).

Midnite Vultures has fewer samplings than previous Beck efforts. He produced the album alone, except for two tracks: “Hollywood Freaks” and “Debra.” These songs reunited the singer songwriter with his previous co-producers, the Dust Brothers (Mike Simpson and Don King).

The CD’s liner notes mention that “Debra” contains elements of Ramsey Lewis’ “My Love for You.” I also hear hints of “Win” from David Bowie’s Young Americans album (another LP that paid homage to American soul music and R&B). http://youtu.be/auJZvKYh2rA

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1 Response to Midnite Vultures — Beck in 1999

  1. I’m definitely an older Beck fan… you should check out this awesome band I found that kinda reminds me of Beck..we’ll his more upbeat songs:)
    “Noreste Caliente” video: http://bit.ly/MtMmBx

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