Get you ready for my polygon (?) – the 2nd BANNED Wings single (hi, hi, hi)

On Nov. 30, 1972, Paul McCartney’s new band, Wings, released the single “Hi, Hi, Hi.” It was promptly banned from the BBC for its unsuitable lyrics.

In 1971, McCartney formed Wings with his wife Linda and former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine. “Hi, Hi, Hi” was the band’s third single and its second to be banned by the BBC. Their first single, “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” (, was released in February ’72 and banned for its political anti-British lyrics (the song echoed public sentiment for Britain to leave Northern Ireland following 1970’s “Bloody Sunday” horror, when 26 unarmed protesters were shot by British soldiers. Of the 13 males who immediately died, seven were teens).

[ Side note: Wings’ quickly released their second single (May ’72) in reaction to the BBC ban―a musical version of the children’s nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”]

“Hi, Hi, Hi” was banned by numerous radio stations in the US as well. The title was perceived as advocacy for drug use and the song lyrics were deemed too sexually charged (many misheard McCartney singing about his “body gun” when, in fact, the lyric was “polygon”―a reference to an 1896 absurdist play that McCartney had also referenced in the Beatles’ Abbey Road song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”).

Despite its ban, “Hi, Hi, Hi” reached #5 on the UK singles chart and #10 in the US.

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