Echoes of the everland discover who you really am (“See” — The Rascals, 1969)

On Dec. 15, 1969, the Rascal’s released their sixth album, See. It would climb to #45 on the Billboard Top LP’s chart.

The band formed in Garfield, N.J., with Eddie Brigati as lead vocalist, Felix Cavaliere on keyboards and vocals, Gene Cornish on guitar,and Dino Danelli on drums. The Rascals got their name from comedian and TV personality Soupy Sales, who had hired the group to be his band for college tours in 1965.

The group’s rise in popularity came from its blue-eyed soul pop songs like “Groovin’,” and R&B-tinged garage-rock songs like”Good Lovin’.” (And from that last sentence, one might conclude they liked apostrophes and dropping g’s from their titles.)

As music in the ’60s evolved, the Rascals grew with it and developed a distinct sound of funky psychedelia with their soulful pop. Their concerts were high energy—Danelli especially displayed a flair for showmanship in his drumming. The band’s vocals ranged from intimate blues to full-out rock anthems.

The Rascals always had a social conscience. They were widely known for refusing to play venues that did not allow racially-integrated audiences (sadly, it was a reality – even in the late ’60s). fter the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, their song’s lyrics became politically stronger (“People Got to Be Free”).

See generated three singles: “Carry Me Back,””Hold On” and the title track (which went to #27 on the Billboard Hot 100).

There’s something about the song “See” that I just love.


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