The trouble was started by a young Errol Flynn (Genesis in 1976)

On Dec. 27, 1976, Atco Records released Wind and Wuthering, the eighth Genesis album, in the US (four days after the LP was released in Britain).

Wind and Wuthering picked up where A Trick of theTail left off—a post-Peter-Gabriel band continuing to explore progressive rock through synthesized and orchestral songs that ranged from delicate to explosive. Although much of the music was written collaboratively, keyboardist Tony Banks dominated many of the LP’s compositions. Guitarist Steve Hackett and bassist Mike Rutherford each contributed to four songs. Drummer Phil Collins was now firmly comfortable in his role as the band’s lead singer (as were his band mates), even though a third of the recording’s tracks were instrumentals.

The album would reach #26 on the US album charts and give Genesis their first charting single in the States, “Your Own Special Way.”

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Blood on the Rooftops,” written by Hackett and Collins. It’s a song (possibly sung from the point of view of an older couple) that laments contemporary media. There are references to (at the time) popular British television programs, current events, the weather forecast—even the Queen’s annual Christmas address.

Hackett would leave the band in 1977 after the album’s supporting tour.

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