A Sign of the Times — Petula Clark (1966)

On Feb. 27, 1966, British singing-sensation Petula Clark introduced “A Sign of the Times” on the CBS Television Network’s  The Ed Sullivan Show. The song would enter the Billboard Hot 100 in March and go to #11. The song also peaked at #11 in Australia and reached #2 in South Africa, but “A Sign of the Times” would only go to #49 in the UK.

Petula Sally Olwen Clark began performing at the age of 10, entertaining British troops during WWII and touring with another child star Julie Andrews.

In 1964, Clark began a collaboration with songwriter Tony Hatch. The result was an international hit with “Downtown,” followed by “I Know a Place.” Clark became the first female British singer to hit #1 on the US singles charts.

“A Sign of the Times” was the second single released from her 1966 album My Love (its title track had gone to #4 on the Hot 100).

Petula Clark’s music has that definitive ’60s sound, with its go-go groove, mod tempo and brass arrangements. Her voice is distinctly upbeat and happy and takes me to a different place and time … every time.

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