“The sooner it ends the better” (record execs’ lament of the Beatles’ invasion of America)

The headline for the Feb. 29, 1964, edition of Billboard (The International Music-Record Newsweekly) was:  Beatles Business Booms But Blessings Mixed.

On the left column of the front page was an article about the band grossing more than $17 million in six months (prior to its rocketing success in the US).

The right column featured an article by Jack Maher titled “Beatles Bug As They Control Air.” The article opened with:

“While a few manufacturers were congratulating the Beatles for infusing new life and excitement into the record business others were quietly venting their spleen against the British group.

“At the nub of their blasphemies was the enormous amount of air time devoted to the group since its invasion of American shores.”

The article continued (on page 8) with the laments of “disk men” having a hard time getting new releases on Top 40 radio stations, and included this one-line paragraph:

“The sooner it ends the better,” a good many record executives were quoted as saying.

O, record executives, you are charming.
(read the issue here: http://bit.ly/BillboardFeb291964)

By the way, the #1 album in the US on Feb. 29 was Meet the Beatles. It debuted on the Billboard Top LP’s chart at #92 on Feb. 1. The next week it hopped to #3, and on Feb. 15 Meet the Beatles began its 11-week reign at the top of the charts.

(irritating even more record executives)


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