Now would I say something that wasn’t true? (Eurythmics hit again in 1985)

On April 27, 1985, “Would I Lie to You” by Eurythmics debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #62. It would spend a total of 19 weeks on the US singles chart, peaking at #5 on July 13. The song reached #2 in Canada, #17 in the UK and was the band’s first (and only) #1 single in Australia.

Eurythmics was the band led by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. Stewart met Lennox in London in the mid-70s while she was attending the Royal Academy of Music. Lore has it that Stewart’s first words to the Scottish lass were, “Will you marry me?” Lennox and Stewart formed a trio called The Catch with guitarist Peet Coombes. After releasing a single, they recruited bassist Eddie Chin and drummer Jim Toomey and in 1977 became The Tourists.

The Tourists combined folk and New Wave sensibilities with hints of ’60s pop. The band opened for Roxy Music on the UK dates for the Manifesto Tour. When The Tourists split up in 1980, so did Lennox and Stewart’s romantic relationship. But they decided to continue working and recording together.

In 1981, the pair formed Eurythmics. The band’s name is based on the musical teaching theory of Swiss educator and composer Émile Jaques-Dalcroze. Jaques-Dalcroze taught eurythmics as a communication between one’s inner and outer forces, connecting the mind with harmonious bodily movements (rhythms) to awaken musicality and develop musicianship in students. The name is derived from the Greek word eurythmy, meaning “rhythmical order of movement.”

“Would I Lie to You” was the first of three singles released from Be Yourself Tonight — which is either the duo’s fourth or fifth album, depending on whether you count the 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother) soundtrack as an official Eurythmics recording. Be Yourself Tonight added a soulful R&B to the synth-pop sounds of previous Eurythmics records.

I love this song. Great horns, a great guitar break, great vocals and an overall great arrangement. The official music video opens with “acting” — I guess to set up a reason for Annie’s angry lyrics and to provide conflict-resolution in the storyline. I’m certain the record label had several meetings over this one, including the dialogue which got bleeped in this clip (the music kicks in at the one minute mark).

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